Mission Description

Doc Number: 0248367

Release Date: March 2015

(PDF) TDS-1 GNSS-R Mission Description

Product Manual

Doc Number: 0248366

Version 2  (5th May 2016)  – XML / Tiff format data

Version 3 (14th July 2017) – NetCDF format data

Version 4 (1st Feb 2018) – Updated DirectSignalPower definition

Version 5 (21st Dec 2018) – v0.7 to v0.71 AGSP, & Direct Signals

Version 6 (8th Nov 2019) – C-BRE v1.0 Update

Version 7 (4th Dec 2019) – GSID Update

Example code for MERRByS data

There are examples in Matlab and Python for accessing and analysing the data. The examples show how to:

  • Download data from FTP server
  • Example to read and extract data from L1b Delay-Doppler Maps
  • Example to read Level 2 wind-speed
  • Search data by time and location (python example only)

Matlab examples:

Python / Jupyter examples:

Antenna Gain Map

TDS-1 Nadir antenna pattern. This is from measurement of the TDS-1 antenna in an anechoic chamber before launch.

(Released: 5th March 2015)

(XML) antennaMap1_fine